what do we do?

IMI LTD specialise in bespoke architectural finishes to the Lift Interiors, Architraves and Escalators for the Lift Industry.

Over the past 10 years we have worked with major lift companies to create superior finishes for projects across the UK. We provide a full range of services from Design, through to Installation or anything in between. all manufactured in house and quality tested at every point.


Making Your Vision a Reality

Within our design studio, we house a robust array of capabilities that include comprehensive surveying, the proficient use of AutoCAD Inventor software, and expertise in various 3D modeling tools. As an integral part of our overarching design process, we regularly produce mock-ups to showcase the envisioned finishes for a project. These mock-ups play a pivotal role in aiding both our clients and architects in their decision-making process.

This synergy allows us to craft highly realistic renders, providing a vivid and accurate representation of the project’s final appearance. Moreover, we maintain an extensive library of these prototypes, which not only serve as invaluable references for our visiting clients but also inspire them with the potential of their own projects.

Our management structure is designed to ensure consistent involvement from project inception to completion. The same dedicated members of our team remain engaged from the initial tender phase through to project handover. This approach not only fosters continuity but also instills a sense of commitment within our team, ultimately resulting in the efficient and punctual project delivery that aligns with IMI LTD’s high standards. This approach also provides our clients with peace of mind, knowing that their project is in capable and dedicated hands.

From Satin Polished Stainless Steels to laminates, glass, and plastics, we work with a diverse range of high quality materials.

Expertise and


Manufacturing takes place in our own facility, where our fabrication team collaborates closely with our quality department and project managers.

 Accredited with UKAS ISO9001, our workshop consistently delivers products of the highest standard. Being equipped with cutting edge machinery allows us to handle any bespoke job that comes our way.



In today’s dynamic business landscape, efficiency and precision are paramount. Our state-of-the-art 4kW fiber laser represents the pinnacle of cutting technology, providing a substantial enhancement to project timelines and quality.

By harnessing the power of this advanced technology, we can offer your business the following benefits: 

Rapid Throughput – Uncompromising Precision – Versatility

 Cost Efficiency – Competitive Edge

Crafting Excellence Through
Technological Advancment

IMI Ltd has firmly established itself as a market leader in bespoke architraves and lift interiors, driven by its unwavering commitment to harnessing the latest technologies and innovations. The company’s utilisation of cutting-edge machinery such as a Fiber laser, CNC (Computer Numerical Control) and 3D Printing machines has revolutionised the way we create architectural elements. By employing these technologies, we have attained unparalleled precision and intricacy in our designs, ensuring that every architrave and lift interior is crafted to perfection. 

You can now bring your unique design visions to life with ease, thanks to the precision and versatility that our manufacturing process bring to the table. Moreover, IMI Ltd has seamlessly integrated these technologies into their lift interiors, creating smart and functional spaces that cater to modern living standards. By embracing technological advancements in manufacturing, We have solidified our position as an industry leader, consistently delivering superior, bespoke architraves and lift interiors that set new standards for excellence in the market.


At IMI Ltd, safety is our top priority. We go above and beyond compliance to ensure the well-being of our employees on-site. Through comprehensive training and regular audits, including Sentinel, Safe Contractors, FORS, and RISQS. We strive to maintain the highest level of compliance.

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