IMI Ltd was founded in 2010 by industry experts Andy Houghton and Graham Goldfinch, each with over 35 years of experience in the Lift Industry. Their shared vision was to redefine architectural finishes in London, guided by craftsmanship, expertise, and genuine client relationships.

Andy Houghton, a highly skilled Carpenter and Joiner with over 40 years of experience, set the standard for precision and quality. Graham Goldfinch cultivated an extensive network of industry connections driven by a desire to help clients succeed.

This vision marked IMI Ltd’s journey, dedication to excellence and unwavering client commitment.


Our success is driven by a dynamic and experienced leadership team dedicated to innovation, growth, and excellence. Each member brings unique skills and shares a commitment to our vision.

SEAN HOUGHTON - Managing Director

Managing Director: Sean joined as an Office Manager in 2013  and became Managing Director in 2021. His journey reflects dedication and merit, shaping IMI’s future with financial stewardship and strategic planning.

KEITH PATTERSON- Managing Director

Keith joined in 2017 as an expert in health, safety, environmental, and quality management. His commitment to safety and quality assurance has enhanced our reputation.

JOSHUA GOLDFINCH - Managing Director

With qualifications in Design, Joshua’s creative problem-solving and design expertise have expanded our service offerings.


From the beginning, Andy and Graham envisioned IMI Ltd as London’s premier provider of Lift Interior, Architrave, and Escalator Cladding Finishes.

The new Leadership team have taken these core values and added our own dynamic and modern ones to develop further our commitment to quality, client relationships, and craftsmanship and remain unwavering as we evolve

Our Values At IMI

Our core values drive everything we do. We are committed to delivering the highest quality work and ensuring projects are completed to perfection. Quality is not just a goal; it’s a way of life at IMI.

Community & Sustainability

We are committed to sustainability and are proud to be carbon neutral. We actively support projects that reduce our carbon footprint and help plant thousands of trees annually.

Company Culture At IMI

We prioritize employee well-being, promote respect and empathy, and maintain policies that foster a positive work environment.

Looking forward to working with you, call us on 01843595701 to begin discussions

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